Colleen Shannon


Wild Heart Tamed

Radiantly beautiful, achingly desirable, she was the innocent pawn of an unscrupulous plot. Kidnapped and drugged, she awoke in London’s most infamous brothel–locked in the powerful arms of her unsuspecting seducer.

Jason Blaine

The striking but arrogant America, who unwitting seduction of the golden haired beauty led to a reluctant whirlwind marriage… in hopes of thwarting the plotter’s vicious scheme…

Sir Gavin Redfern

His icy heart spurned by an unrequited love, he followed the young newlyweds to America–where at last he could unleash his raging vengeance.

A turmoil of passion and fury, from London to the wilds of Georgia, their wild hearts were entwined in a fierce struggle that could only be tamed by love itself.

Nominated, Best New Historical Romance Author, Romantic Times

The Tender Devil
He was the devil in the flesh

Captain Luke Garrison … a dark and devastatingly handsome American, he was as powerful as he was arrogant. His sparkling eyes demanded her passion. His burning touch enslaved her desire…

She was an angel in his arms…

Aimee Lingstrom … a blonde Norwegian beauty, she vowed no man would ever possess her. Yet to save her family from financial ruin, she recklessly gave herself in marriage to an absolute stranger…

From innocence to ecstasy… Aimee cast herself into the flames of endless rapture. Yet theirs was a love fraught with danger and intrigue. From the splendor of royal ballrooms to the shame of London brothels, Aimee fell prey to a savage fate–and only a lover’s heated kiss and tender embrace could save her.

Norwegian Edition

The Hawk’s Lady
Lady Victoria Alicia Grenville

Beautiful and boldly defiant, Lady Victoria sailed away from England to escape an obligation of marriage. Then, the unthinkable happened. Her ship was captured by Barbary pirates-swashbuckling savages who abducted young women to sell into slavery. Now, Tory’s shattered destiny lay in the hands of dangerous men….

Captain Sinan Reis

A dashing former American pirate known as the Hawk, who would shun a vast profit…to claim the English beauty for himself. On his own terms, for his own reasons.


A Turkish rogue who lusted for vengeance…by defying the Hawk and stealing his precious lady.

Bey of Algiers

The aging chief of Algiers, who held the power to posses, or destroy, them all.

Tory’s heart was imprisoned by fate. And yet, her secret passion for her pirate captor-the handsome and strong-willed Hawk-bound her soul with a chain of desire. Together, on an odyssey of exotic peril and forbidden pleasure, they would challenge an empire…and risk their lives for love!

Nominated, Best New Historical Romance Author, Romantic Times

Midnight Rider

Was it the expert swordswoman whose flashing eyes set him aflame? Or the picture of innocence whose passionate kisses melted his heart? Or was it the spirited Indian maid taking passage aboard his ship?

Beautiful Magdalena Flanagan de Sarria was ALL of them – and more…She was a noblewoman concealing her identity to win back her honor. And while battle swept California, dashing sea captain Clint Browning would touch the tender woman beneath Magdalena’s clever masks.

For he knew that her boundless desire was meant for him alone… The darkest secrets of the heart belong to the Midnight Rider

Best Western Adventure Historical, Romantic Times
​Recommended Read, “Warrior Women” Romantic Times Article

Surrender The Night

“Demon” Devon Cavanaugh, Earl of Brookstone, rescued beautiful Katrina Lawson’s virtue… only to seduce her with his fiery caresses. He offered the stunning commoner all of London’s sparkling treasures–except for his love. But spirited Katrina would be no man’s mistress–even a man she adored beyond reason. She fled Devon and disappeared….

Seared by her memory, the lord searched–and finally found her in a Cornish village. Poverty had reduced her to a life of smuggling–surely the wench would accept his glittering gifts now!

But Kat Lawson had a surprise for the snobbish scoundrel… she would teach him that love was the rarest gift of all.

Golden Fires

Lina Collier knew the archaeological expedition would be a grand adventure — and a great success. She was sure there was gold to be found — but she didn’t realize she would discover another treasure, as well…


Expedition guide Jeremy Mayhew was sure the journey to Mexico would be a disaster — but he was swayed by the arguments of the seductive, headstrong girl … and by her charms.

Lina Collier and her father eagerly make plans for an archaeological dig in 1879 Mexico, certain they’ll find enough gold to pay their numerous bills. Lina knew the expedition would be a grand adventure – and a great success. She was sure there was gold to be found – but she didn’t realize she would discover another treasure, as well . . . expedition guide Jeremy Mayhew!

Jeremy Mayhew was sure the journey to Mexico would be a disaster – but he was swayed by the arguments of the seductive, headstrong girl . . . and by her charms. Jeremy’s job was to protect her from danger. But when Lina noticed the fire in his moody gray eyes, she wondered if the greatest danger was Jeremy himself – and the fierce, yearning desire he sparked deep inside her!

The Gentle Beast
Book 1, fairy tale trilogy about the Kimball family
Once Upon a Time They Lived Happily Ever After…

Raised amid bountiful wealth and enlightened ideas, Callista Raleigh was more than a match for the radicals, rakes, and reprobates who railed against England’s King George III. Then a sudden reversal of fortune brought into her life a veritable brute who craved revenge against her family almost as much as he hungered for her kiss. And even though her passionate foe concealed his face behind a hideous mask, Callista believed he was merely a man, with a man’s strengths and appetites.

But when the love-starved stranger swept her away to his secret lair, Callista realized that wits and reason weren’t enough to conquer him — she’d need a desire both satisfying and true if beauty were to tame the beast.

Best British Isles Historical, Romantic Times
Kiss Award Best Hero, Romantic Times
​Romantic Times Top Pick

The Steadfast Heart
Book 2, fairy tale trilogy about the Kimball family
Once Upon a Time They Lived Happily Ever After…
Dance With Destiny

Vincent Anthony Kimball sat watching the ballet, the young ladies of the ton falling at his feet, and tried to ignore the aching feeling inside him. Though it had been nearly ten years since his first and only love, Chantal, had disappeared from his life, memories of her sweet face, of the passion they’d shared, still haunted him. Then, suddenly, he saw her at center stage, and was engulfed by waves of need and longing. But was she really his long-lost Chantal, or the prima ballerina Papillone? She claimed not to know him, but the way her slim body responded to his kiss told him otherwise. And Vince knew that, like the brave tin soldier of the fairy tale, he would do anything to return his true love to him, give anything to unite their hearts as one.

Kiss Award Best Hero, Romantic Times

Prince of Kisses
Book 3, fairy tale trilogy about the Kimball family
Once Upon a Time They Lived Happily Ever After…
The Princess

Daughter of wealth and privilege, lovely Charlaine Kimball was known to Victorian society as the Ice Princess. But when a brash intruder dared take a king’s ransom in jewels from her private safe, indignation burned away her usual cool reserve. And when the handsome rogue presumed to steal a kiss from her untouched lips, forbidden longing set her soul ablaze.

The Frog

Illegitimate son of a penniless Frenchwoman, Devlin Rhodes was nothing but a lowly bounder to the British aristocrats who snubbed him. But his leapfrogging ambition engaged him in a dangerous game. Now he would have to win Charlaine’s hand in marriage- and have her begging for the kiss that would awaken his heart and transform him into the man he was always meant to.

Kiss Award Best Hero, Romantic Times

Heaven’s Rogue
Book 1, TIme Travel Heaven Trilogy
At The Turn of the Century, Anything Can Happen…

His is timeless perfection, molded by a genius. He stands magnificently tensed for action, noble, confident, and invincible. His firm hips cradle superior masculinity. His body reflects the heroic ideal of an age; once every thousand years such a flawless man exists. And Honoria Psyche Fitzhugh recognizes in him the soul mate she’d always pined for and the champion she sorely needs. Too bad he is a stone-cold statue …

… a statue on which Honor has staked her career as a museum curator. But when the white marble turns to warm flesh under her fingertips, Honor knows she will risk more than her future in the art world for the man she has liberated with her touch. At the dawn of a new millennium, Honor has awakened a true Renaissance man, but has she found a love to carry her into the next century?

Amazon Romance Editor Recommended Read

Heaven’s Hero
Book 2, TIme Travel Heaven Trilogy
At The Turn of the Century, Anything Can Happen…

Once upon a time former cop Nick Escavido believed in heaven and heroes. Until he lost his job, his wife, and his self-respect by doing the right thing with the wrong people.

Then a magic mirror and a whirlwind journey through time landed him in a bygone age… at the feet of the most dangerously alluring female he’d ever met. Lady Isabella Catherine Giovanni dressed like a man, but he soon learned she acted every bit a woman. And as she held his heart at sword point he discovered that at the dawn of a new age, miracles do happen. To those who believe. To those who dare to be …

Heaven’s Hero

Amazon Romance Editor Recommended Read

Heaven’s Warrior
Book 3, TIme Travel Heaven Trilogy

“In this final time travel of the trilogy, which is as yet unpublished, the action ends as it should, with Nick and Isabella’s descendant fighting her own battles in the third millennium for human kind. Rafe, the cynical ex SEAL who is featured in both of the above novels, has done enough killing and vows never to fight again. However, he finds that working with Nick in security makes him restless. When he visits Ernie one day, the magic mirror calls to him and shows him where humankind will be a thousand years from now: a world far away in the solar system. Human kind has evolved into empaths who are brilliant artists, engineers and inventors but abhor any kind of violence. They’re invaded by a ruthless race and about to be annihilated or absorbed by forced breeding. Without hesitation, Rafe steps through to their time to teach them again to fight. In the process, he falls in love with Nick and Isabella’s descendant and while he doesn’t know it, their children will unite the warring galaxy into one strong coalition. A fitting legacy for the descendants of Michelangelo’s David and the Biblical David, who birthed a dynasty that united races.”

Heaven’s Hero

Amazon Romance Editor Recommended Read

Moonstruck…The Cat’s Meow
To Person of Good Character, Free Feline to Stable Home

“The ad seemed perfect for what Gisella Lowell, an eccentric Bostonian gypsy, intended. While the newspaper ad offered only the possible adoption of four adorable cats, Gisella’s plans were a whisker more complex: four individual tales of magic and romance. By Halloween, each would realize they had been rewarded with the most fulfilling gift of all: a warm, affectionate feline. And, of course, true love.”

The Wolf of Haskell Hall
Book 1, Gothic Shelly Holmes series

With the coming of the moon, wild happenings disturb the seaswept peace of Haskell Hall. And for the newest heiress, deep longing mingles with still deeper fear. Never has she been so powerfully drawn to a man as she is to Ian Griffith, with his secretive amber eyes and tightly leashed sensuality. Awash in the seductive moonlight of his tower chamber, she bares herself to his fierce passions. But has she freed a tormented soul with her loving gift or loosed a demon who hunts unsuspecting women as his prey?

Romantic Times Top Pick

The Trelayne Inheritance
Book 2, Gothic Shelly Holmes series
A Dark Legacy

Women were dying, the blood drained from their bodies and two mysterious pinprick marks imprinted on their necks. And for all her training as a chemist, Angelina Corbett could not help wondering whether the whispers of “vampire” haunting her uncle’s isolated estate might have a basis in fact, especially after meeting their enigmatic neighbor, the Earl of Trelayne.

Locked in his powerful embrace as they waltzed across an opulent ballroom, Angel felt rational thought flee. His golden good looks rivaled the brilliance of Apollo, but an impenetrable shadow dogged his every step. His voice mesmerized her, his eyes silently beseeched her, his touch enflamed her and left her longing for fulfillment. She did not need scientific evidence to know he was her soul mate, but would his dance lead her to the heights of ecstasy or the downward spiral of the damned?

Book 3, Gothic Shelly Holmes series

Shelley Holmes was accustomed to the bizarre. Such phenomena as werewolves and vampires held no surprises for her. But in all her years of investigating the paranormal, she had never run across a case like this one …

Beautiful Arielle Blaylock was a proper Victorian miss by day, but a daring wanton by night. In her dreams she seemed to enter another life, one where sorcery and sensuality held sway. But how was it possible that the happenings of that shadow world were beginning to manifest themselves in reality? What was the significance of the Egyptian cat amulet she wore at her throat? And of the two mystical beings who fought to seduce her, which was destined to be her lover … the creature of light or the one of darkness? As her midnight wanderings became ever more alluring, Arielle found herself lost in a maze of danger and desire where one misstep might mean the end of love and life.