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The Gentle Beast
Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: London, 1772

-Best British Isles Historical, Romantic Times
-Kiss Award Best Hero, Romantic Times
-​Romantic Times Top Pick

Recommended Read

-Amazon romance editor

Reviewer: Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

When independent-minded Callista Raleigh discovers that someone is trying to ruin her father, her life is thrown into turmoil. Callista knows it has something to do with her father’s past and a fabulous yellow rose diamond. But she doesn’t understand who or what the masked “beast” wants.

Drake Herrick has waited a lifetime for his revenge against Raleigh. And now the opportunity is at hand, but he never expects to hunger for Callista as much as he wants to quench his thirst for revenge. She is nothing like he imagined and much more than he expects.

Callista will do whatever she must to protect her father, even sacrifice herself to Drake. But as she gets to know and understand “The Beast” she comes to love him and eventually will risk all to claim his love, vanquish a handsome enemy and erase past mistakes.

Engrossing, and filled with sexual tension, intrigue and passion, THE GENTLE BEAST is a highly original and enjoyable Beauty and the Beast. Colleen Shannon has infused her tale with all the drama, excitement and mystery of the classic and added her own magical style, turning this into a wondrous tale to be cherished. SENSUAL (Oct., 400 pp., $5.99)

​Reader: Jennifer Everitt

​I couldn’t put this book down. I just loved it. A nice twist on Beauty and the Beast for adults. I can’t wait to find others in this ‘series.’

The Steadfast Heart
Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: Regency London

-Winner, Kiss Award, Romantic Times

Reviewer: Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

For years Vincent Anthony Kimball, the eleventh Earl of Dunhaven, has mourned his missing friend and lover, Chantel. Then he sees her dancing on the stage. But is the lovely ballerina known as Pappilion the butterfly truly his beloved or just a look-a-like?

Chantel has her reasons for hiding her identity from Vincent and everyone else. She has a son to protect, a new life to build and a past to keep hidden. But she cannot deny the power of the love they shared nor her still burning desire for Vincent.

Vincent pursues Chantel, unraveling the mystery surrounding her, becoming her first client at her dancing school and slowly winning back the love of his sweetheart. But the past and the dangers of the present follow Chantel and Vincent, threatening to destroy their newfound joy.

Colleen Shannon mixes a heady tale of suspense and passion in THE STEADFAST HEART, teaching us that love and trust are intricately entwined. SENSUAL (Aug., 350 pp., $5.99)


5.0 out of 5 stars A LOVE STORY PORTRAYED SO ELOQUENTLY!, ​July 15, 1998
-By (NY, USA)

This book is breathtaking. It was so hard for me to put down. And I was so happy to find out that there is a book that preludesit. I am excited to read it. -Amazon User

Prince of Kisses
Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, 1887

-Winner, Kiss Award, Romantic Times
-Barnes and Bestselling Historicals

Reviewer: Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

Jewelry designer and one-time cat burglar Devlin Rhodes plans to breach the well-guarded home of rival designer Charlaine Kimball, the “Ice Princess.”

Once inside her bedroom, he is enchanted by the princess. She, however, is stunned to find the arrogant half-French “frog” in her home. Devlin vows to be the frog who eats off her golden dishes and sleeps in her bed as he steals booty that includes priceless gems and a beautiful book.

Devlin returns all but the book to her and proposes they work on a design to enter in Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee competition. Not one to shrink from a challenge, Charlaine agrees.

Forced to wed due to gossip, Devlin and Charlaine face off. Though she is falling in love with him, she refuses to relinquish her independence, while Devlin stubbornly refuses to kiss her until she says “I love you.” Combine these willful characters’ pride and Devlin’s powerful enemies who plot his downfall and you have tension and action that builds until the climax.

In this delightful romance based on The Frog Prince, Colleen Shannon takes liberties with the original to come up with a wonderfully grown-up version. She has brilliantly mastered the technique of creating a fairy tale fantasy that delights and enchants readers seeking adult entertainment while remembering a cherished childhood story. SENSUAL (May, 380 pp., $4.99)


Surprised -By Mermarie (USA); February 28, 2012

I was immediately shocked that this book hasn’t had many reviews. I adored this book all in all! Very detailed and elaborate love scenes that were believable. The story was a more mature approach for me, because nowadays the instant gratification seems to be the main premise, but this book’s slow progression of fulfilling love was right no its mark. Definite +5 stars!
-Amazon User

Heaven’s Rogue
Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, 1887
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner

In 1499 in a Roman cistern, artist Dominico Paolo Constantine Castiglione curses God and the angels for the losses of everyone he cherishes. To his shock, a beautiful angel appears and informs him that he will turn into a statue for the next five centuries to atone for his blasphemy. At the dawning of the new millennium, a virgin’s tears will awaken him from his enforced slumber and Dominico must find his family’s last living descendent. He then must guide the lad onto the right path in order to save humanity. If he fails, Dominico will turn to stone for eternity.In 1999, visiting American Dr. Honoria Fitzhugh falls into a hidden Roman cistern and finds Renaissance artifacts including a statue that probably is the first model of Michaelangelo’s David. With the cooperation of the Italian government, the Portland assistant art curator unveils her find. However, Honor’s elation turns to grief when the tests prove that the statue consists of an unknown material, but is definitely not made of stone. Her subsequent tears turn the statue into a human and she agrees to help Dominico find his relative. As they work together, her beloved “statue” falls off the pedestal, only to be replaced by a deep love that seems to have no future or past.

Award winning Colleen Shannon’s latest tale, HEAVEN’S ROGUE, is a magical blending of elements from several sub-genres into a wonderful story. Honor is an intriguing character whose childhood leads her to obsess over her work until “David” enters her life. Dominico is a great protagonist whose fifteenth century philosophy towards women makes him seem as if he truly traveled through time. The story line works because Ms. Shannon simply knows how to tell a superb tale that will garner her more acclaim.


5.0 out of 5 stars Great romantic tale, -By A Customer, July 4, 1999

I think this is the first book of Colleen Shannon that I’ve read and came to love. I’ve recently re-read it–because I forgot the plot since it’s been so long–and still I find the story warm to the heart. As one of the reasons why stories are told, this book contains morals and messages that should be taken seriously by everybody who comes to read this. This is one of the reasons why I love to read a lot of books. And one of the reasons why I can’t give it less than 5 stars.
-Library Thing

A very heart-warming story indeed and a very well composed one.
-TsumNaBara, Feb 22, 2013

Heaven’s Hero
Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Setting: Renaissance Italy and Modern Day New York
Reviewer: Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

In this spin-off from Heavens Rogue, readers are swept back in timeas Nick and his younger brother Ernie move though the portal mirror from modern-day New York to 15th-century Italy and right into trouble.

Ernie travels back in time seeking medicine for his friends dying daughter. Nick goes along for the ride, but his modern sensibilities are in for a shock when he meets Honor, her husband Dom, and beautiful Isabella.

Isabella has been trying to hold onto her estates despite the greedy Luccios machinations to force her into marriage. She needs a hero and Nick rescues her when her home is attacked, but when his wallet and its contents fall into Luccios hands, Isabella is placed on trial as a witch. Isabella must decide whether to stay in her time or follow Nick to the future. Luccio escapes into the portal and now the past and present collide in a stunning climax.

Colleen Shannon always creates a very different and exciting paranormal romance with twists and turns readers will enjoy. She portrays the 15th century with a fine historians hand and then makes magic as she shifts gears into the present. This is surely a keeper for fans. (Apr., 400 pp., $5.99)


4.0 out of 5 stars Don’t pass this one by!, -By EB “EB” (USA), July 27, 2000

Former cop, Nicco Escavedo, has abandoned his faith in heroes. But, an adventure back in time through a magical mirror to 1500’s Italy may be just the thing to soften his hardened heart and restore his sagging faith. But first, he has to survive Lady Isabella Catherine Giovanni.Lady Isabella, dressed as a man in her mail, fought alongside the men, defending her land and Castillo. She was tough and independent, and needed no man. That is, until her greatest adversary captured her home, held her brother captive, and claimed she would be his.But her connection to Nick, a man who had mysteriously appeared from another time, could lead to her death. Before she could be sentenced as a witch, Lady Isabella and Nick were on the run across time to the 21st century. Only, this time, they had to stop Luccio Landucci from creating murder and mayhem in present-day New York. With all their differences, Nick and Lady Isabella must find and nurture a bond of love that drew them together across time.Fast paced, funny, and entertaining, “Heaven’s Hero” is jam packed with clever characters, historical faces, and snappy dialogue. Don’t pass this one up! – Amazon User

The Wolf of Haskell Hall
Top Pick!
Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: ​Cornwall, England, 1878
Reviewer: Beth MacGregor

Never one to refuse a challenge, American heiress Delilah Haskell Trent cannot resist the curious terms of her inheritance of Haskell Hall. According to the English solicitor, she must live at Haskell Hall for six months or everything will pass to distant male relatives.

Once she arrives, Delilah begins to feel the haunting call of the beautiful, yet desolate moors surrounding the Hall and cannot deny her strange attraction to her estate manager, Ian Griffith, who is as wild and provocative as the lonely moors he loves.

Curious as to the deaths of the previous heiresses, Delilah discovers an ancient family curse and a legend that leaves her fearing for her life, yet irrevocably drawn to the very man who is destined to bring about her demise. As her feelings for Ian prove stronger than her will to resist, she finds love in the arms of a gentle and sensitive man haunted by secrets darker than the moonlit moors. Will they fight for their love and escape the evil that stalks them both?

THE WOLF OF HASKELL HALL is a provocative tale that will draw you deeply into the dark secrets woven within the pages of this tantalizing gothic story. As Delilah and Ian battle the demons within and without, they hold fast to their love in the midst of adversity and prove again that love is the greatest ally against the forces of evil.

Colleen Shannons THE WOLF OF HASKELL HALL is an emotionally intense love story that will prey upon your senses and shatter all your illusions. VERY SENSUAL (Jan., 393 pp., $5.99)


5.0 out of 5 stars A great retelling of the ‘red riding’ story!!!​
-Deborah MacGillivray “Author,” January 28, 2002

A super romp. She is the heir to Haskell Hall, a forthright American. The LAST Heiress. Her fate is tangle with Ian Griffith the last of his line as well. Both are bound by a 100 year old curse that says Ian will stalk the night as a wolf and will kill the Heiress of Haskel Hall – just as his ancestors killed all the others – unless Lil can find a way to leash the heart of the wolf and set them both free.

Ian is a brooding character that will live on in your mind, long after the book is put down.An absolute super read!!! -Amazon Top Reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars The Wolf has met his match!
-Tisha D. Boldery, October 21, 2001

When you pick up a novel you expect to be entertained. However, Colleen Shannon does more than that, she mesmerizes the reader. You simply cannot put this book down. I found myself totally involved in a story that moved me measurably. The story line is simple but yet complicated, a mystery and romance that cannot be denied. Delilah Haskell finds herself an heiress to a fortune and a lonely wanderer to England’s shores. She doesn’t want to be there but the stipulations of the will state that if she chooses to give up her rights to the Haskell lands, an entire village will suffer for it. Unable to live with that burden, she moves in only to meet the intimidating Ian Griffith, not one to be bullied she stands up to him, proving herself to be more intriguing than the other heiress’s before her who have died under tragic circumstances. When Lil learns the secrets that surround her, she is not about to be bullied away, she fights fire with fire. A truly wonderful book. One I highly recommend! -Amazon Reader

The Trelayne Inheritance
Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: ​Cornwall, England, 1878
Reviewer: John Charles

American Angelina “Angel” Blythe Corbett arrives in England seeking answers about her mother, who left Angel orphaned at a young age at the same time the “Beefsteak Killer,” whose victims are all poor, young, and beautiful women found drained of blood, is terrorizing the country. Despite hearing disturbing rumors of vampires haunting the area around Blythe Hall, Angel hopes to convince her uncle to let her stay as an assistant in his science lab. After meeting Shelly Holmes (Shannon’s tribute to Sherlock), who investigated lycanthropy in Shannon’s previous book, The Wolf of Haskell Hall (2001), and her uncle’s closest neighbor, the Earl of Trelayne, both Angel and Shelly, her new ally, are left wondering if whispers about a vampire killer might be true, because the sinfully handsome earl seems capable of casting a bewitching spell. Angel soon discovers that learning the secrets of her mother’s past will bring answers she never expected. Shannon’s latest paranormal historical is a wickedly fun treat for vampire romance fans. Filled with wonderfully original characters, this richly sensual story neatly blends romance and horror with dazzling results.

Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved


4.0 out of 5 stars Very good, worthy of a series!!
-F. Faulkner “F.F.” (Hartford, CT USA), February 7, 2005

Very good story. More plot and mystery than the “Dark Carpathian” series by Christine Feehan. But the sensuality meter wasn’t as high either. More fulfilling in an emotional way. A lot of potential for a series. Definitely an author I’ll read again! -Amazon Reader

Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: ​Cornwall, England, 1878
Reviewer: John Charles

As a psychic investigator, Shelley Holmes is used to dealing with the supernatural, but her latest case may be her most unusual yet. Beautiful and innocent Lady Arielle Blaylock is haunted by dreams of a golden “lion man,” who attempts to seduce her, and lately the lines between her dreams and reality are blurring. Not only has Arielle been waking up with mysterious scratch marks, which eerily resemble those found on the bodies of three women found murdered in Victorian London, but Arielle is also being courted by Luke Simball and Seth Taub, both of who resemble the mysterious lion man of her dreams. Soon Arielle finds herself caught up in a deadly romantic triangle as these two very different men battle for Arielle and her very soul. After triumphing over werewolves and vampires, the redoubtable Miss Holmes returns for her third deliciously entertaining paranormal adventure, and Shannon’s potent blend of Egyptian myth, simmering sensuality, subtle wit, and imaginative storytelling will cast a spell of its own.

Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

RRAH’s Thoughts and Ponderings

TSPELL is one of the more unusual paranormal romances I’ve read. There are two romances going on here, and multiple kinds of shapeshifting. We’ve got your werewolves plus your assorted giant cats, with a huge helping of ancient Egyptian lore and Victoriana to keep it entertaining. The primary heroine is Lady Arielle Blaylock. She’s a physically challenged young woman with a dead mother, a concerned aristocrat father, and some really disturbing dreams. Her father brings in paranormal detective Shelley Holmes (who has been featured in other Shannon novels) to help him figure out what is going on. His late wife already died from complications of whatever is troubling his daughter, and he doesn’t want these complications to destroy her life.

Feisty Arielle is pursued by two different men, one good and one evil, as she tries to solve the mystery of her mother’s past. There are magical amulets and séances to encounter. An interesting man pursues Shelley as she tries to figure out the mystery of Arielle. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t really. At its heart, the book is about a young woman discovering and embracing her own feminine power, at least in the context of aristocratic life in Victorian England when you are a direct descendant of Cleopatra.

CATSPELL is an absorbing tale for readers interested in paranormal stories.
-Heather Hiestand


5.0 out of 5 stars really liked this book
-Jennifer L. Brown (Virgina, USA), March 18, 2006

This was a good read and the first book by this author I have read. I eagerly look forward to more works that utilize Shelly Holmes’ unique skills as a detective and the romances Ms. Shannon spins around her interesting characters.
-Amazon Reader

The Hawk’s Lady
Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: ​Barbary Pirates, 1801 and Philadelphia, 1801
Reviewer: Publisher’s Weekly

Shannon (Wild Heart Tamed) pilots a richly detailed yet slow moving tale of pirates, spies and love triumphant. Lady Victoria Alicia Grenville, aka “Tory the Terroy,” flees her impending marriage to a baron, setting sail from England only to be seized by Barbary pirates. One, Captain Sinan Reis, abducts her to North Africa, and Tory’s happiness seems assured when she falls in love with Hawk, as he is called. But this swaggering seetheart, whose real name is Beau Cochran, is actually an American in search of his sister, who is being held captive in a harem. When Tory learns Hawk’s true identity, she doubts his affections because of his duplicity. Despite requisite raciness in amorous scenes and efficient characterization and scenesetting, the novel loses momentum in the lovers’ long process of reconciliation.


Lady Victoria fled a marriage she didn’t want but finds herself captured by a pirate around the Barbary Coast. Knowing how much she screwed up she worries about the crew who are surely paying for her mistakes. So she fights the feelings she feels for her captor and plots her escape. But she falls more and more for Sinan. However she doesn’t know who he really is and he knows she will probably hate him once she figures it out.

A very adventurous historical romance that takes you from the Barbary Coast to England and eventually to America. A very good read that will have you eagerly turning the pages to find out what happens next.
Amazon Reader

Midnight Rider
Genre: Historical Western Adventure
Setting: ​1840, Old California
Reviewer: Publisher’s Weekly

Shannon’s “The Hawk’s Lady” garrulousness cripples the pace of this romance set in pre-annexation California of the 1830s, copious explanations of every thought, word and deed interrupting the forward movement of even the most dramatic encounters here. Magdalena, a ranchero’s granddaughter wrongly accused of murder, and Clint, an American reluctantly persuaded to spy on the Californios on behalf of the pro annexation movement, fall in love, generating a chemistry that is Shannon’s most incendiary to date. Magdalena is especially captivating, more than a match for the assorted desperadoes she captains in her eventual disguise as the bandit leader El Halcon during a quest to regain her inherited lands and clear her name. Clint, with his fiery masculinity and deep respect for Madalena’s daring and unconventional talents as a warrior, suits the heroine exquisitely. A final confrontation, between Madalena and her vile cousin, is histrionic but satisfying.


-Best Western Adventure, Romantic Times

Recommended Read:

-Warrior Women, Romantic Times


VERY GOOD -Lisa S., September 16, 2006

Surrender the Night
Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: ​Regency London and Regency Cornwall
Reviewer: Kathe Robin and Denise Little

Kathe Robin, Romantic Times “The power of love shines like a beacon in this very emotional love story.”

Denise Little, B Dalton Heart to Heart previews May/June 1992 ​ “This is a clever, fast paced adventure by the author of The Hawk’s Lady. Katrina Lawson is a beauty without the advantage of high birth or wealth. The Earl of Brookstone, Devon Cavanaugh, has both, and is willing to offer anything but marriage to add Katrina to his possessions. It’s not enough for Katrina; she flees to Conrwall and life in a smuggler’s den rather than becoming the nobleman’s mistress. But when Devon discovers that Katrina finds a life of crime preferable to being his pampered pet, all heck breaks loose. I got a kick out of watching the Earl learn the true worth of love in a hard school.”


Very moving story, you’ll get angry, laugh and mostly cry, but in the end it moves you. -Amazon Reader

Golden Fires
Genre: Archeological Adventure
Setting: ​Monaco and Mayan Mexico
Reviewer: FantasticFictionUK

“On an archaeological expedition in Mexico to find gold, Lina Collier finds a real treasure in Jeremy Mayhew, the expedition’s handsome guide.”

Sinclair Justice
Genre: Contemporary Texas Thriller Suspense
Setting: ​Amarillo, Texas and Mexico

“I loved Sinclair Justice. Our hero and heroine are not your typical young characters. Ross Sinclair, is a Texas Ranger, early fifties with silver wings in his hair. He is mature, self-assured, well adjusted, all alpha and sexy. Mercy Magdalena Rothschild, better known as Emm, is late thirties, strong willed, very confident, and willing to do most anything to find her sister and niece who have disappeared and more than likely kidnapped by human traffickers. Emm sees her chance to maybe find her sister and niece, when her job sends her to Texas and Ross Sinclair. The circumstances in which they meet are not the best. Emma has the “pedal to the metal” and Ross ends up arresting her when he nearly pulls out in front of her speeding car. Although their start was not the best, their attraction is sizzling (East Coast meets West). When finds that Emm’s hidden agenda involves a case that he is heading, he finds himself making some tough decisions regarding Emma and his job. Will Emma and Ross work together to stop the traffickers and find her sister and niece? Or will they be too late? Sit back and buckle up. This suspenseful romantic story will keep you on the edge of your seat page after page. The suspense climbs and climbs to a climatic showdown. I highly recommend. Look forward to more in the series. Received a copy from NetGalley and publisher for an honest review. ”

-Morgan’s Musings, July 21 2015

Travis Justice
Genre: Contemporary Texas Thriller Suspense
Setting: ​Austin, Texas

“A good solid romance. Loved it. Interesting plot and wonderful characters. Another winner by Ms. Shannon ” -Lori Belcher, NetGalley Top Reviewer

“Loved this book! If you enjoy romance with a bit of suspense, you will love this book. In it, Hana breaks into Travis’s home to steal a family heirloom that was stolen from her grandfather during the Japanese internment many years ago. Zach’s father purchased it at auction, and Hana had been searching for it ever since. Hana has no problem breaking into his home an avoiding the alarm system, but cannot find the blade. Zach sees her and is enthralled by her, but he is strongly on the side of law and order and Hana has a criminal record and is obviously still ignoring the law. What follows is an engaging romance that kept me hooked until the very last page. How the author brought these two together was wonderful to read. Fans of the genre will love this book. While this is part of a series, it is a stand-alone novel.” -Linda Quick, NetGalley Top Reviewer

Foster Justice
Genre: Contemporary Texas Thriller Suspense
Setting: ​Los Angeles and Amarillo, Texas

“Texas Ranger Motto: One Riot, one ranger.” All I can say is, “Look out Walker, there is a new ranger in town.” This was one rollicking story filled with action, intrigue, and betrayal.

The opening scene, not exactly what one would expect from a story about a Texas Ranger, but then again, he is tracking rustlers. “No matter how fancy their rig, likely stolen, too, Chad viewed rustlers on a par with worms and strippers: the only critters too low to fall down.” This vermin is not only rustling cattle, but his cattle. So in wild west glory Chad Foster – Texas Ranger – charges in on his trusty steed, Chester, and an “AR-15 rifle mounted with a night scope” as his only back up, averts a stampede, shoots out the horn, head lights, and tires on the eighteen wheeler, arrested them and leads them back into town (a mere 20 miles) behind his horse. All in a day’s work for this Texas Ranger. That is only the first five pages.

Now meet little brother, Trey. He has no interest in the ranch or Texas for that matter. All he wants is to paint and a fiery red head in LA. Little does he know that the guy he is selling his half of the ranch to is a sidewinder from way back. Trey just wants to get to LA and the red head. So the adventure begins.

A few weeks later, Chad follows Trey, complete with his dually pickup with horse trailer for Chester. Now imagine this rigged out cowboy in Beverly Hills. Yah! “You’d stick out in Beverly Hills like a sore-tailed cat at a rocking chair convention, anyway, and probably not get a damn thing done before you got yourself arrested.” According to his captain. It was entertaining watching Chad navigate the streets of Beverly Hills. He had barely arrived in the city before he racked up his first two tickets for “Illegal parking, no horses in the city limits.”

Chad was a fun character. Rough around the edges. Not as smooth as Walker maybe, but he “keep on comin’.” He tried, he really did, to be low profile, in control, and not rock the boat. But, these Beverly Hills cops took too long. And imagine his surprise when Chad found himself enamored with his lead witness – his brother’s girlfriend, a stripper. (See above quote.)

This story just kept getting more and more exciting and entertaining. I couldn’t put it done. Art galleries. A stripper. A gang with a green lowrider. A cop who seemed bent on harassing him. Chases through Southern California. Oh Nooooooo! Gasp! Sniff. *wiping tears* Threats. A trip back to Texas. Heart stopping action. Gasp! *sigh*

You really need to read this one for yourself. A fast paced action adventure from beginning to end, with some romance thrown in for spice.

I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review