Colleen Shannon


Dorchester Books
Fairy Tale Trilogy, the Kimball family:

-The Gentle Beast – Beauty and the Beast
-Steadfast Heart – The Steadfast Tin Soldier
-Prince of Kisses – The Frog Prince

Heaven Time Travel Trilogy

-Heaven’s Rogue
-Heaven’s Hero
-Heaven’s Warrior

Shelly Holmes Paranormal Gothic Trilogy

-The Wolf of Haskell Hall
-The Trelayne Inheritance

Berkley Books

-The Hawk’s Lady
-Midnight Rider
-Surrender the Night
-Golden Fires

Works In Progress:

-Pharaoh’s Cure
-The Annihilator

These are the first two thrillers in a planned series about a CDC Epidemiologist and her sister, an expert in forensics who travels the world solving crimes no one else can.

Pharaoh’s Cure
The Annihilator

The Annihilator is based on a true cold case serial killer in 1885 Austin, Texas three years before Jack the Ripper. He killed more victims, including a twelve year old girl, and was never caught. In my story a copy cat killer duplicates the 1885 gruesome murders and it’s up to Terry, Galen and Mandy to stop him.